Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions for wedding cake orders. T&Cs for celebration cakes vary slightly in terms of deposits and timelines and can be found on my Facebook page as a pinned post.

Please read the T&Cs here or on Facebook before confirming your order. If you are not sure about anything listed, then please discuss it with me.

Booking Fee / Payment Policy

1) Each quote provided is unique to that specific order – quotes are confidential between Icing on the Cake and the customer, and I will not disclose my pricing of your order, or the design details, to anyone else.

2) A booking is only secured once a booking fee has been received. Booking fees should be paid as soon as possible after the quote to avoid losing your date. Payment of the booking fee indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions. In exceptional circumstances I will hold dates without a booking fee for a limited period and at my own discretion, in agreement with you, the customer.


3) For wedding cake orders/wedding orders a non-refundable booking fee of £50 will secure the date. The remainder of the balance will be required 30 calendar days before the wedding date.


4) Booking fees are non-refundable if the booking is cancelled by the customer. The booking fee not only secures your date, but also covers administration fees incurred in dealing with your enquiry, designing your cake and providing a quote(s).


5) If an order is cancelled by Icing on the Cake, due to illness or emergency, then the booking fee and any other monies paid will be refunded in full.


6) The booking fee will be carried over to a new or re-scheduled order only at the discretion of Icing on the Cake and only if there is availability to reschedule. Rescheduling on more than one occasion may incur additional fees, to cover the additional administration involved.


7) Late notice orders (orders made within 30 days of the wedding date) will attract an additional fee, at the discretion of Icing on the Cake, depending on the complexity of the design and the need to source materials urgently.


8) Designs must be finalised no later than 30 days before the date of the wedding and cannot be changed thereafter. Certain changes in design may incur an additional charge, depending on complexity of design or resources needed to execute the changes.

Copyright / Image Use

9) Photographs of other baker’s work is an excellent source of inspiration, however I am unable to copy another baker’s work exactly, unless permission is sought from that baker/the originator of the design. I will endeavour to interpret design elements to fit in with your theme. I offer a bespoke service and each cake is unique so please embrace having a cake that is bespoke to you.


10) Drawings/images created by Icing on the Cake, remain our intellectual property and are for guidance only. Please do not take my hard-worked-on design to another baker and ask them to copy it directly.


11) Photographs of your cake may be taken during the course of the bake/make. Multiple photographs of the finished cake are always taken before collection or on delivery/set-up at your venue to prove the cake was delivered in excellent condition.


12) Images remain the property of Icing on the Cake and may be used for publicity or on Social Media relating to Icing on the Cake. I will not publish photographs of your cake until after the event.


13) Every care is taken to deliver your cake and set it up in perfect condition. On delivery/set up, pictures of the cake in situ will be taken if the customer is not there to receive the cake directly. If the venue or a third party move the cake after set up and cause damage, it will not the responsibility of Icing on the Cake to fix the damage – this will only be done at the discretion of Icing on the Cake and may be subject to a fee, including travel time and expenses to return to the venue.


14) In the rare event of a wedding cake being collected by the customer: Once a cake has been collected, safe transportation/storage of the cake is the responsibility of the customer. Guidance on correct transportation/storage of the cake will be given, but any damage sustained by the cake after collection is no longer the responsibility of Icing on the Cake. Every effort is made by Icing on the Cake to make sure cakes and models are secure and will maintain their structure. Fixing of a cake collected by the customer which then suffers an element of damage will be at my discretion. Depending on type and cause of damage, this may be at a fee.

Food Safety

15) I will do my best to cater for certain allergies, however I am a Home Baking Business and my kitchen is not a nut/dairy/gluten free environment. I will advise each customer of this when quoting for an order and will do my best to avoid cross-contamination. If the customer agrees to go ahead with the order they do so at their own risk. Icing on the Cake is not able to accept liability for any subsequent allergic reaction/illness on consumption of the baked goods.


16) My 5* hygiene rating, hygiene certification and public liability insurance are available to view on request.

Complaints Procedure

17) If you have a complaint about the quality of the product received from Icing on the Cake please let me know at the earliest opportunity. Changes to design will not be made after the customer has received the cake (either via collection/delivery) unless the design was not that which was agreed between the customer and Icing on the Cake and the fault lies with me. If the taste/texture of the product does not meet expectations, then please let me know as soon as possible. The product must be returned to me within 48 hours of receipt, so that I can examine it and determine what is wrong. Only then will a decision be made as to whether or not a refund is appropriate.


18) If you have a complaint about the customer service you have received from Icing on the Cake please speak to me at the earliest opportunity. Often issues can be resolved with a conversation.


19) Icing on the Cake reserves the right to reply in a professional manner to negative comments made about them on social media and to delete unfair comments and block profiles that are inflammatory/malicious. Before posting about my hard-built business, please refer to point 16 – speak to me directly.

These terms and conditions are regularly reviewed and are subject to change as necessary.

These terms and conditions, along with accompanying design notes, form the basis of a contract Icing on the Cake and the customer, and are agreed by payment of your booking fee.